Benefits of White Filling and Amalgam Filling, Alpharetta

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Dental Filling is a dental restoration which is used to restore the function and appearance of the tooth that has been damaged by trauma or cavities. The procedure is done to protect the exposed interior of the tooth from bacteria that may destroy the tooth’s structure and cause infections to the tissues inside. At RA Dental Studio, we offer dental fillings services in Alpharetta, GA (also serving the greater Atlanta, GA area).

Benefits of White Filling and Amalgam Filling

How is a Dental Filling procedure done?

The dentist would first remove the decaying part of the tooth and then clean the affected area. After cleaning the site, it will be covered by a dental filling that will harden afterward. The dentist will make sure that there won’t be any gaps left for bacteria to enter.

Benefits of White Fillings (Tooth-colored Fillings)

  • It matches the color and appearance of a natural tooth.
  • It easily bonds with the tooth structure without using any metals to attach them.
  • It could be hardened in seconds.
  • Tooth sensitivity is experienced only for a short time.
  • Can be used for both back and front teeth without compromising aesthetics.
  • Once damaged, it could be quickly repaired.
  • Does not change shape when exposed to hot temperature

Drawbacks of White Fillings

  • Discoloration is common
  • Not as strong as metal fillings
  • Tend to wear out faster than metal fillings

Benefits of Amalgam Fillings (Silver Fillings)

  • It is known to be more durable compared to White Fillings
  • It is easier to apply
  • It acts as a coating that is fluid resistant that also resists the growth of bacteria
  • Known to be less costly compared to other types of filling

Drawbacks of Amalgam Fillings

  • It does not match the color of a tooth
  • The color changes to black over time
  • It may damage the tooth since amalgam filling expand
  • A conductor of heat and cold to the tooth nerve
  • It can cause intense sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages.
  • In rare cases, patients could develop any metal allergies.

To accurately choose the right filling it is better to analyze the benefits and drawbacks well to make sure that the material you will pick would be best suited for your needs.

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