Frequently Asked Questions About Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta, GA

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Not all people, especially those who are in the limelight, are endowed with a perfect smile. Some of them, surprisingly, are under the care of dental professionals! Take Tom Cruise for instance, before he achieved his ever-adorable smile, certain cosmetic procedures were performed on him first. Another example is Miley Cyrus. Perhaps, everyone remembers her as a young, bubbly teen with cute curls and visible gapped teeth during “Hannah Montana” days. But after opting for porcelain veneers, Cyrus shocked the public with her immaculate-looking pearly whites!




Indeed, porcelain veneers are one of the most preferred cosmetic dentistry option of many celebrities. Then and now, the treatment continues to transform smiles. Many dental practitioners including us at RA Dental Studio Alpharetta are impressed with the potential of porcelain veneers when it comes to delivering patients with their dream smiles. Well, who wouldn’t? These useful prostheses can fix various teeth imperfections. Chipped, cracked, broken, gapped, and stained teeth are no longer a problem with porcelain veneers!

So, are porcelain veneers in your “beauty must-haves?” If yes, know these facts first:

  • Before the placement of permanent porcelain veneer, the dentist will shave an approximate 0.5 mm of the patient’s enamel for the prosthesis to fit well.
  • Teeth sensitivity is one of the side effects of the treatment, but it will certainly go away after a few days.
  • Porcelain is known to be very durable and strong, but in some cases, it can also become brittle. So we suggest the avoidance of foods that can stress the veneer.


Porcelain Veneers: FAQs

Can porcelain veneers be a lifetime treatment?

No. Porcelain veneers can withstand for seven to twenty years but are not meant to last a lifetime. Alterations in the veneers may occur as the teeth and gums that support the prostheses tend to change over time. There may be instances that the porcelain veneers may fall out or chip. Nevertheless, the dentist can always fix these issues.

Will porcelain veneers get stained?

It is not possible for porcelain veneers to discolor. But to keep your smile dazzling all the time, observe proper oral hygiene.

Can veneers accumulate cavities?

With the right care, the incidence of tooth decay can be avoided. However, you will still need to visit the dentist for regular cleanings and checkups to ensure a cavity-free mouth.

If you are planning for a smile upgrade, Porcelain Veneers in Alpharetta, GA is for you! Book an appointment with us at RA Dental Studio Alpharetta now! We are located at 875 North Main St., #358, Alpharetta, GA 30009.

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