Guidelines in Alpharetta For The First Dental Visit

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People would want to experience an excellent first dental visit, and this goes especially for children. A new dental office would mean new dentists or staffs to work with for the maintenance of their overall dental health. First impression matters. A good first dental visit could indicate that the next appointments would be more comfortable for some. At R.A. Dental Studio, we make sure that our patients have customized appointments to prevent lengthy dental appointment scheduling and to ensure that patients get quality dental care.


Dental Visit

Guidelines For Your First Dental Visit

Here are the things you need to do before the first dental appointment to save time and make the visit beneficial:


Schedule an appointment by calling our office or by filling up the booking forms that are available on our website. Booking a spot and informing the dentist of your needs before the visit will allow you to save effort and time. If you are usually busy, choose the time which is most convenient and comfortable for your needs.


Filling out the new patient forms on our website will make your dental visits brief but helpful. The forms require information about your medical and dental history. These will be used so that you will be given a personalized treatment. You can either fax, mail the forms before the schedule or bring them during the appointment.


Aside from filling out the forms, you should also provide the necessary documents needed. Previous medical documents will help the dentist formulate an effective treatment plan that is suited for your needs.


Here are the documents that you should bring during the visit:

  • Medical History
  • Dental Insurance
  • Current List of medications taken
  • Dental History
  • Referral slip and dental x-rays from the last six months (if applicable)



Our website provides directions on our location page. However, if you are unable to get it, you can directly call us for more detailed instructions.

To be fully aware of the dental treatments you need, list your questions and concerns. It can help you get all the information you need without missing anything essential.


The first dental visit is a stepping stone for a better overall dental health. Book your appointment with us at R.A. Dental Studio for your First Dental Visit in Alpharetta. To get outstanding care and commitment in making your smile healthier and brighter. Our dental office is located at 875 N Main St. Ste 358 Alpharetta, GA 30009.