Myths vs. Facts about Teeth Whitening – Alpharetta, GA

People aim to have pearly white smiles. It gives them a sense of self-gratification and increases their level of confidence. However, because of some factors, the teeth are discolored, and stains attach to the teeth surface.

When a person has stained teeth, it is hard to give off a full and confident smile because they know that their teeth would not be pleasing to the eyes. At RA Dental Studio, we’ll help to ensure that our patients receive quality Teeth Whitening Treatment and have the smile they deserve.

Teeth Whitening is one of the most common reasons why people see and visit a dentist, but there are still some facts that many people do not know about and still believe some stories they hear.


Myths vs. Facts about Teeth Whitening

Myths and Facts about Teeth Whitening:

Myth: Teeth whitening applies to all

Fact: Although the whitening process is safe and effective, it does not mean that anyone can merely whiten their teeth. There are some considerations to take before the patient is considered to be qualified to undergo teeth whitening procedure. Some people who may not be suitable for teeth whitening are:

  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • Persons with peroxide allergies
  • Those who have highly sensitive teeth
  • The adolescents and of younger ages
  • Patients suffering from gum disease
  • Individuals who have untreated dental cavities
  • Persons suffering from any gum or periodontal disease
  • Those who have worn down tooth enamel and exposed tooth root

Myth: Teeth Whitening contributes to having Oral Cancer

Fact: People often associate chemicals with cancer. Since the procedure uses whitening gels which contain chemicals, it is mistakenly thought that teeth whitening causes oral cancer. The truth is, all the products and materials used to perform the process are guaranteed and proven safe and effective.

Myth: Teeth Whitening is permanent

Fact: Although it is good to hear that whitening is permanent, it is not however right. The teeth are like the sponges which absorbs everything that is put into it. May foods and beverages, as well as other factors, causes the teeth to be discolored such as:

  • Tobacco use
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Lack of nutritional food intake
  • Consuming stain-causing foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, wine, and more
  • Certain medications
  • Aging
  • Certain medications

These are just some agents of tooth stain that are taken daily by many people. The best thing to do to maintain healthy, white teeth is to visit the dentist regularly for checkups and dental treatments.

Myth: Teeth whitening is a painful process

Fact: Many people anticipate pain in every dental engagement they will have that even teeth whitening is thought to cause pain! With modern technology, the whitening process is entirely painless and safe. The dentist ensures that other oral structures and tissues in the mouth are protected from the cleaning agents used and found in the whitening gels. Tooth-sensitivity after the treatment procedure is normal and will eventually fade soon.

At the end of the line, it is somewhat essential to maintain overall dental health, but make sure not to neglect the appearance of the smile as well. The color of the teeth is also important in creating first impressions!


Let us help you improve the appearance and form of your teeth! Book your appointment with us at RA Dental Studio for your Teeth Whitening Services in Alpharetta, GA.

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