Oral Cancer Changes Lives in Alpharetta, GA

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Oral cancer impacts not only to the overall health of the person but the state of life as well. No matter the type or the size and location of cancer, there is always an adjustment and change in the way of life of a person. A person’s day to day routine is affected.

We at R.A. Dental Studio promotes early detection and prevention of oral cancer by providing reliable Oral Cancer Screening to patients. Children or adult may experience oral cancer. It usually spread directly into the mouth and its nearby tissue such as the back of the jaw and the surrounding skin or through the lymphatic system. The dentist performs physical examinations to distinguished symptoms of oral cancer including biopsy, incision and punch biopsy, nasendoscopy, and other further tests.

Oral cancer, unfortunately, though curable compared to other life-threatening diseases, can be burdensome to those who are experiencing it. Commonly, the way a person may talk, feel, look, and even engage in some other physical activities are affected by this disease. Here’s how oral cancer impacts someone’s life:


Oral Cancer Changes Lives in Alpharetta, GA


Communication. A person who has oral cancer might find it hard to talk and communicate well. For example, if cancer resides on the tongue, it will be difficult to produce “r” and “l” sound. The voice may sound different as well. The dentist usually recommends a removable dental appliance to fill in the lost tissue or teeth which help patients speak and eat better.

Emotional Stress. During the treatment, the person who has oral cancer are more likely to have emotional stress. Dealing with the illness and its aftermath could be difficult, and it is normal to feel depressed and anxious. It is during this time that a need to lean on family and friends is helpful.

Physical Appearance. Surgical treatment for patients with oral cancer may be necessary. Sometimes surgery takes place on the lips and jaw, and it can change the way someone looks.

Eating Habits. Surgery can cause swelling and soreness in the mouth or jaw making it hard to chew or swallow foods. Here are foods to try for someone who has oral cancer:

  • Avocado
  • Pudding
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Spinach smoothie
  • Mashed potato


Coping up with oral cancer might be tough, but after all, advancement in dentistry always makes it possible to give quality treatment to any kind of oral diseases quickly and effectively. However, prevention is still better than cure. With proper oral hygiene, right diet, and regular dental visits, one can achieve an oral cancer-free life!

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