A Safer Dental Experience in Alpharetta, GA

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The American Dental Association has been warning every dental practitioner to be very careful and cautious when practicing mercury hygiene practices for the safety of the dental workers, patients, and as well as the environment. Mercury is a natural chemical characterized by a shiny, silver-white metal and is commonly used in the medical field including dentistry. Some of the facilities in hospitals and clinics contain this substance which includes thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and dental amalgams. Although useful, it is considered as hazardous.

When mercury is emitted into the air, it can be life-threatening. Exposure to this harmful chemical can risk the brain, heart, lungs, and the immune system of the people. Since mercury is used in different dental clinics, it is important to be very vigilant in choosing the right dentist whose office is health-friendly and procedures are safe; RA Dental Studio is the best consideration.

At RA Dental Studio, our office is Mercury Free; which means that all of our patients will get effective dental treatments without harming their overall health. The procedures, products, and even the tools that we are utilizing doesn’t contain any mercury. Instead of using dental amalgams, we offer white fillings to ensure the safety of our patients while fixing their concerns.

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Reasons to Support Mercury Free Office and Avert from Dental Amalgams

  • Mercury-free dentistry avoids placing children’s health at risk and put dental personnel in danger.
  • The application of amalgam fillings requires the removal of healthy tooth matter which results in the weakening of the tooth structure. In addition, it also caused the teeth to crack as it expands and contract over time.
  • Mercury exposure also has ecological effects which include death and reduced in the reproduction of birds and mammals.
  • Aside from its many disadvantages in the person’s dental health, amalgam is also expensive when compared to the other types of fillings.

Make a difference. Keeping the dental health doesn’t have to be risky. The Mercury Free Office in Alpharetta, GA of RA Dental Studio will give you a safer dental experience that you deserve! Book your appointment now. We are located at 875 N Main St. Ste 358, Alpharetta, GA 30009.

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