Things You Need to Know About Scaling and Root Planing – Alpharetta, GA

Scaling and root planing is a form of oral cleaning performed by dentists to remove the accumulation of harmful deposits on the teeth. While it may seem similar to professional cleanings, they actually differ to the fact that scaling and root planing is more of a deep clean procedure. It can reach the areas under the gum line and roots for the thorough removal of harmful residues.

To be more precise, scaling is the removal of plaque and tartar around the teeth, while root planing is the cleaning of the gum line to the roots. Afterward, the roots will be smoothed out to promote the reattachment of the gums to the teeth. It prevents the reoccurrence of gum disease by not letting the harmful residues like plaque and tartar from settling on any areas of the mouth.


Things You Need to Know About Scaling and Root Planing


The plaque which is one of the major culprits of many dental complications can harden into tartar once left unattended on the mouth. Tartar cannot be removed by merely brushing or flossing; professional assistance is needed for it to be removed. Once tartar starts to accumulate, urgent attention is required to prevent it from releasing harmful toxins that can lead to gum disease, tooth loss, and other oral issues.

To know if a patient is qualified for the procedure, the depth of the gum pockets will be checked. If there is a certain distance between the teeth and gums, it signifies that gum disease is already present. If the pockets are already 4 millimeters deep, scaling and root planing will then be required to prevent it from progressing further.

There is no need to feel scared or anxious about the procedure. Aside from the usual use of local anesthetics, R.A. Dental Studio also offers sedation options to guarantee the comfort of patients throughout the process. Scaling and planing often require two dental visits to be completed. Afterward, the patient may feel pain for the next two days and sensitivity for a week, but it is completely normal. Medications like mouth rinse or pills will be recommended by the dentist to help alleviate pain and discomfort.

To ensure that the procedure has effectively aided with the gum reattachment, a follow-up visit will be required. In any case that the gum pockets became deeper, additional treatments will be performed to prevent further bone loss, gum recession, worsening of gum disease, and tooth loss.


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