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At RA Dental Studio we advocate for using advanced dental technologies without putting your family’s health at risk. That means we run a mercury-free office, in which no products, tools, or other dental procedures utilize mercury. This means you can place your confidence and trust in the safe and effective dental procedures you’ll find at RA Dental Studio.

Why Choose a Mercury-Free Office?

A mercury-free office is a safer office, and for good reason: mercury is a toxic substance, and can significantly harm your health. In fact, small amounts of mercury can be toxic to your vital organs, thus causing an array of health problems that can be serious and even fatal, in some cases.

In previous generations of dentistry, medical professionals were unaware of just how toxic mercury could be to the human body. Thus, dentists incorporated a great deal of silver into metal amalgam fillings, which are used to fill in teeth crevices caused by cavities. When these tiny fillings were shown to contain upwards of 48-55 percent mercury, it became crucial for dentists to eliminate these fillings from their dental practices.

While the U.S. Department of State has taken a strong stance on eliminating mercury-free fillings from dental offices across the country, there are still some practices that risk their patients’ health and safety by using silver fillings. At RA Dental Studio, we strive everyday to be a mercury-free office. We offer our patients white fillings, which are made from natural composites that are 100% safe.

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