Removable and Complete Dentures at RA Dental Studio

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are offered at RA Dental Studios for our patients in Alpharetta, GA, and the surrounding areas. Complete dentures can be “immediate” or “conventional” and can be placed eight to twelve weeks after the teeth have been extracted.

Immediate dentures are constructed in advance and can be placed right after the teeth have been extracted. This allows the patient to have temporary teeth while their gums are healing. Once the bones and gums shrink over time, the immediate dentures may no longer be an exact fit. This is one of the advantages that conventional dentures have over immediate dentures. Immediate dentures may call for more adjustments in order to ensure a more exact fit. They should only be used as a temporary solution until the conventional dentures can be made.

Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures have replacement teeth affixed to a gum colored plastic base. This is inserted using metal framework which holds the dentures in place. Partial dentures are used when there are one or more missing teeth in the lower or upper jaw.

Are There Alternatives to Dentures?

At RA Dental Studio we offer premium services in the field of cosmetic dentistry and family dentistry ensuring a beautiful and long lasting smile. In addition to removable partial dentures, we offer services to help your teeth stay healthy and beautiful including porcelain veneer applications, implant supported dentures, teeth whitening, and dental bridgework. Our services also include tooth extractions, root canal therapy, dental crowns, and even Botox. With options available in sedation dentistry, your comfort is always assured.

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