White Fillings Over Amalgams

No matter how diligent you might be about brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash, cavities may happen. This means that you’ll have to get dental fillings, which are packed into the cavity to prevent food and bacteria from forming in the crevices.

In years past, dentists used to use metal amalgams for fillings; however, recent advances in modern dental medicine has led to the development of white fillings, which are made from natural compounds known as composite resins. These white fillings not only blend more seamlessly with your natural tooth; they’re also far safer to use.

Metal amalgams require the removal of tooth enamel, which can weaken a tooth and expose it to even more disease and decay. What’s more, metal amalgams expand and contract in various temperatures, which means that bacteria can sneak by and wreak havoc in your otherwise-protected tooth.

White fillings, on the other hand, are secured to the surface of your tooth through the composite bonding process. Very little tooth enamel needs to be removed, which means your tooth will remain strong. Finally, white fillings are far less invasive, much stronger, and more attractive than their metal counterparts. After all, you don’t want to communicate to the world that you have fillings in your beautiful smile.

White Fillings at RA Dental Studio

At RA Dental Studio in Alpharetta, GA (also serving the greater Atlanta, GA area), Dr. Roya Akbar and her talented team use white fillings over amalgams. This ensures that patients receive the best quality care possible when they’re in the dentist’s chair.

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